Managing the best approach to scholarly acceleration

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  • Whether you are just starting and trying to juggle regular classes, KAMs, work and homelife

  • Or, you are in the middle of the capstone process and you feel like you are on an island all alone, just you and your computer

  • Or nearing the end, but stuck in quicksand and your document isn't moving along

  • Finished my D.B.A. process online in 2018

  • Changed topics - chose out of frustration

  • Changed chairs

  • Went over the minimum time frame required by 4 terms (a lot of time and money)

  • Have the skills - organization, technology, grammar, proofreading, and teaching

  • Love to teach, been doing it for 25+ years

  • Passion to help people succeed, and coaching does just that

Ready to Get Published
  • Let me help you get organized

  • Set up systems to save time, frustration, and money

  • Help you understand the feedback from your committee

  • And put together a quality product that will get you to graduation in the least amount of terms possible