I strive to make this difficult process a little bit easier. I use my teaching background to explain things in a manner that makes sense to you.

-Dr. Lisa Burnside

D.B.A. Completed!


"Writing an academically sound final paper, dissertation or doctoral study is a defining task in a masters or doctoral program. Therefore, having someone with the knowledge, aptitude, and skills to guide you is invaluable. With Dr. Burnside's guidance I was able to create an outstanding doctoral study resulting in minimal hold-up from committee review. She competently coaches by providing invaluable APA and academic writing expertise, as well as impeccable editing, and technical skills and proficiencies. I wholeheartedly recommend the services Dr. Burnside provides."


- Dr. Jacqueline Evans / D.B.A. Walden University 2018


(Her study was approved by the end of the term, thus did not have to spend the money for yet another term.)

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Editing Extraordinaire


"Dr. Lisa Burnside is one of the best editors in the business. She is prompt, very precise and thorough. She is great at APA and identifying key components in doctoral and PhD rubrics. If you are looking for a great editor that can save you time and money, I highly recommend Dr. Burnside.”


- Dr. Marcus Caster / D.B.A. Walden University 2019

Coaching Works

"There are coaches that you hire, there are editors that you work with and then there are people who become such an integral part of your doctoral journey and your life that you simply cannot imagine existing without them. Lisa is now a part of my family and our relationship stretches far beyond her outstanding ability to bring my doctoral goals to reality. Lisa has become a trusted ear, a confidential advisor, and a friend. I feel very blessed to have met and worked with her and look forward to future adventures along this journey of life."

- Cheers, Dr. Debbian Spence-Minott

Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer

National Rums of Jamaica Limited

God Guided Me Here

"While on the road to complete my doctorate, I ran into many brick walls trying to get back on course. It was not until December 2018, when God placed Dr. Lisa Burnside in my life.  Dr. Burnside laid out the path for me to travel to complete my degree, and I still seemed to struggle while I traveled this road.  She developed strategies to help me overcome my writing; I begin to write and connect my rubric requirements.

Dr. Burnside's strategies, mentoring, and guidance forced me to dig deep and be the best writer I could be. By doing so, her coaching and hard work helped me to fully understand how to write to the sequential order of each area of the rubric and completed my doctorate.


Dr. Burnside is a gift from God because He knew I need Him to watch over me, the Holy Spirit to intercede for me, and for her to guide, coach, and mentor me as I took the torch over the finish line, completing my degree. Dr. Burnside is such a caring, compassionate, and understanding person willing to listen no matter what the situation. She cares so much for her students, and by us excelling and completing our degrees made her heart leap with joy and a cup runneth over with happiness as she celebrates us and with us. Thank you, Dr. Burnside, for having faith in me when I wanted to give up. Thanks for your professional guidance, being a listening ear, and a friend then and now.

Never change; you are one of a kind, an angel walking on earth among us and for being a friend."

- Dr. Jennifer A Boyd / D.B.A Walden University 2020