The Winner Is...

Dr. Lisa Burnside, Rio Verde Country Club Niners Club Champion 2021.

This was the result of intention meeting action. At the beginning of the golf season, the 2020 Club Champion said she was out to defend her title. At that moment, I put out the intention of getting that title for the 2021 season. As soon as the tournament dates were announced, I put them on my calendar. I had visitors during the last tournament date, and told them I needed to golf that day. I was going for the trophy. At the closing luncheon, the results were announced and I was shocked. Though I should not have been shocked, as I intended to win, I practiced, I played, and the results happened.

I know that not all intentions are answered in the manner we expect them to be answered. However, if you don't put intentions out there and take action toward your intentions, the probability of getting the outcome you want is significantly reduced. On to my next intention with action. What's yours?

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