Systems to Tasks to Big Goals

In my daily mentoring today with Darren Hardy, he brought up a good point that I wanted to share with you. It was regarding goal attainment. We set big goals, like getting your dissertation/thesis/doctoral study finished so we can graduate, but it seems so far away. The way to get to your big goals is to break them down into smaller tasks and putting new systems in place to accomplish the tasks. The biggest thing we need to do in this effort is to write the document. To get that done, we need to write pages, and to get that done, we need to write paragraphs that align with the Rubric.

Therefore, create a system of when, where, and how. Schedule when you are going to write a paragraph (if you get more done – GREAT!); prepare a space of where you are going to write that has access to your Rubric, articles, writing notes, and any other supporting materials you will need; and then create a system of how you are going to write.

My how system consists of coffee, candle, Creator, and core. I make myself a mug of coffee with peppermint; I light a scented candle; I recite the Writer’s Prayer to the Creator (in my case, God); and focus on the core topic by putting my research question or topic-of-the-moment on a sticky note and attaching it to my monitor so I can focus on it. This system allows me to accomplish big goals by setting myself up for success in the tasks it takes to get there.

Any large goal can be reached if you begin by setting up systems to do the tasks it takes to get there. Be a taskmaster to be a doctor.

Happy writing and goal attaining.

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