Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Completing this process is all about the details. One key detail is to connect all the way through your document. Alignment is the core of success. What are you aligning? EVERYTHING! Your research question or hypothesis is at the center and then everything needs to come back to that, link to it, align with it. All decisions made are based on that target.

If your research question is something along the lines of, "What strategies do sales managers use to successfully transfer knowledge to sales personnel?", then you would start with all of the details in that question to determine your research. Based on that question, we would be looking for information regarding (a) strategies, (b) sales managers, (c) successful knowledge transfer, and (d) sales personnel. Since strategies and successful knowledge transfer are text-based items, we would probably conduct a qualitative study. However, if there is a way to measure the level of success of the knowledge transfer, we could incorporate a quantitative component to the study. If we chose to do both of those, we would conduct mixed methods research. You see, first you must know what it is that you want to research, and then you can proceed with details. As you make decisions regarding your research, always come back to the target to make sure it connects.

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